Final Lyric Book

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Lyric Book

Fist opening page_

LAYOUTS ccc-02

Here I decided to create an opening page which would introduce the band and describe what the book will feature.


Call To Alms_


page 1-01


This song is about War and the longing for peace. So I created a simple yet colourful peace sign.


A Reason_


page 2-01

This song is about the night sky and the vast wonder which is space.

Sounds Like Crows_


page 3-01

This song is about Death so I researched a lot in to skulls and how other depict the afterlife.

I Can’t Breathe_


page 4-01

This song is about feeling trapped, scared and links to mental health.



page 5-01

This song is all about religion, family and love.


page 6-01


This song is all about hopes and dreams and so I created this page in the book, the paper plane will be perforated in the book so that the reader can peel out the plane and fold it and allow the lyrics on the opposite side fly free.

Wall Of Sound_

page 7-01

This song is centred around the joy of music and nature.




page 8-01


This song is centred around self worth.



page 9-01

This song is centred around empathy, compassion and ofcourse the human heart and all the feelings that come with it. I decided to create little flaps which the user has to peel open so that the image below can be seen and this I believe helps back up the songs lyrics.

The Only One_


page 10-01


This songs lyrics talk alot about religion and more importantly Buddhism.





This song is about the circle of life and the left hand side of the image will act as a flap over the text and the reader will have to flip it over to read the lyrics.


Life Lines_


page 112-01


This song is about connections to the world so I decided to create a map which will actually fold up in the book.



page 343-01


The final song is about love and happiness and so I decided to create a fun typography which evokes happiness.



My latest project is to create something for the band Star From Ivy, the band is from Burton on Trent. With their second album due for release soon they are challenging people via their website to build an immersive experience, which both helps to inspire and support those who may wish to dig a little deeper in to the context behind each song and learn more about the music.